Yoga Poems:
Lines to Unfold By
by Leza Lowitz, Anja Borgstrom (Illustrator)
Stone Bridge Press (June 1, 2000)

YOGA POEMS: LINES TO UNFOLD BY is the winner of the 2001 PEN Josephine Miles Award for Best Poetry Book, USA.

The sixty poems in this bestselling, award-winning book are windows into the mind/body/spirit experiences that come about through yoga practice.

Each poem is named for a posture or breath exercise and is inspired by the physical properties of the pose or some aspect of breathing that led the poet to deeper understanding. Listening to these poems read aloud, or contemplating them on one’s own, will help yoga students understand their own struggles and inspire them on the way to personal transformation. Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee said, “I thank Leza for winding down the road of intimately describing her experiences within her yoga practice, extracting the essence of the yoga postures with her keen observation, and communicating them to us through potent poetry.” Yoga Journal, September/October 2000 (Editor’s Pick Review) said:

“A set of elegant poems inspired by the study and practice of yoga. Lowitz writes here with a Zenlike spareness that lends clarity both to the poems and the reader’s appreciation of the yoga experience. YOGA POEMS serves as a window onto a landscape made more vivid by the physical ingenuity and spiritual richness of yoga, and any student of yoga will find treasures to cherish within its pages.” Yoga Magazine (UK), September 2005, said: “This anthology is absolutely delightful and captures the spirit of yoga. Lowitz shows her talented skills in this collection.

Be inspired and marvel at her skill of instilling life into the practice of yoga. A pleasing addition to anyone’s library and a must-have for the poetic mind.”

This book has been translated into French, Japanese, and Burmese and is available in both hardcover and paperback editions. It is available through and

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Here there is nothing to fight except willfulness.

Some lean too far into the past.

Others stretch way out into the future.

The true warrior stays in the moment,

burning deeper into whatever comes,

sometimes with even more difficulty, what doesn’t.

–Leza Lowitz