Tibetan Heart Yoga –The Complete Series with Masaaki Nakajima

Sundays 19:00-21:30 October 25. November 15. 29. December 27
Saturdays 17:30-20:00 November 14, 28, December 26
4,000 yen per session, or 25,000 yen for all 7 sessions
Limited to 22 people

“Tibetan Heart Yoga (THY)” is a powerful and unique style of practicing yoga, continuing the lineage of the ancient tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. One of the most prominent features of THY practice is the union of the inner and outer methods, where we work from the inside and outside. We work from the outside with our pranayama (breathing) and asana (posture) to approach the inner layers of being. We also work from the inside with our meditation and ethical practices, planting good karmic seeds and bringing wholeness to our yoga practice. When those two are practiced together on the yoga mat, the intention or motivation with which we practice the asana is regarded as the singlemost important element of the THY practice. THY is comprised of 10 series. Each series has its background teaching, accompanied by asana sequence, pranayama, meditation, mantra recitation, and other unique THY methods. In the “COMPLETE series” with Masaaki, we will practice one series at a time. Attending the entire series is recommended to deepen your understanding and experience, yet each session is a complete series on its own, by which you can experience the fruit of the practice.

SERIES 1: The Six Paramitas (Perfections) - Sold Out
with Tonglen compassion meditation October 25 (Sun) 19:00-21:30

SERIES 2: Mahamudra (The Great Seal) - Sold Out
with meditations on the six flavors of emptiness November 14 (Sat) 17:30-20:00

SERIES 3: Chaturapramana (The Four Infinite Thoughts) - Sold Out
with meditations to cultivate Love, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity November 15 (Sun) 19:00-21:30

SERIES 4: Prana Vayus (The Five Inner Winds) - Sold Out
with inner-body meditations November 28 (Sat) 17:30-20:00

SERIES 5: Guru Bliss (Bhakti and Blessings) - Still space available
with meditations on devotion to the teacher November 29 (Sun) 19:00-21:30

SERIES 6 : Lady Niguma & The Six Elements - Still space available
with meditations on the six elements & the emptiness of each December 26 (Sat) 17:30-20:00

SERIES 7: Lady Niguma’s Klesha-Smashing Series - Still space available
with meditations on the five Buddha families and how to use them to destroy your mental afflictions December 27 (Sun) 19:00-21:30

The workshop will be in Japanese with English translation as needed.

To Register: Hit Contact, email us with the name and dates of the workshop in the subject line. Include your full name and cell phone number. Please register early to insure a spot! You may take all, or one, or some of the workshops. For maximum effect, the entire 7 sessions series recommended.

Sacred Song and Ecstatic Dance with Daphne Tse and Ellen Watson
Friday December 11, 7:00-9:00pm (5:30pm and 7:30pm classes that day are cancelled)
Sun and Moon Yoga
Cost: 4,000 yen


Daphne and Ellen invite you to share an evening of magic & mystery, where we enter into the world of soulful connection through song, dance & poetry, the sources that so nourish creativity, awareness and connection. This evening presents an especially sweet opportunity for those who are drawn to artistic, transformational and contemplative practices–to glean the jewels from these combined disciplines.

The practice of Hatha Yoga without Kirtan is joyful and fulfilling. With Kirtan, Asana weds heart to spirit in ecstatic union. Ecstatic Dance practice, when united with Sacred Sound & Song, invites us to experience bliss, to move through our fear, anger, release sadness, and delivers us to the arms of our Creator, the Beloved. We are invited to dance and sing our prayers, our gratitude, our thanksgiving. To know and to ask for what we need and want in our lives and those of people we love. We become calm, clear, powerful, loving and present. We’ll dance the dances that are ready to be lived in each of us. In small movements and huge leaps we’ll unearth the full range of who we are and what we have to offer.

Bio: Ellen Watson is celebrating her 25th year on staff at Esalen Institute, where she studies, practices, and teaches various modalities of moving meditation practice. A licensed minister, Ellen believes that the core of all healing begins in the realm of the heart and the Spirit. Among her great pleasures are opening the door for people to dance, to sing and play and pray, to touch and be touched. She is passionate about spreading the good news about how waking up can heal and transform the mind, body and soul.

Ellen is a teacher of Esalen® Massage, Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms™, Holotropic™ Breathwork, SpiritDance, The Art of Essential Touch, and Your Body is a Musical Instrument. From 1984 through 2003, Ellen developed and administered the Movement Arts Program at Esalen. In 1996, she founded MovingVentures™ School, whose mission is education in the somatic arts, focusing on women and men in developing countries, and the southern USA. MovingVentures™ faculty offer workshops, retreats, and trainings at Esalen, in Bali, and at other inspiring locations around the globe. Her website is www.movingventures.com

To Register: Hit Contact, email us with the name and date of the workshop in the subject line. Include your full name and cell phone number. Please register early to insure a spot! If you do not receive a reply from us in one week, please register again. Emails DO get lost and we want to make sure we get yours!

Sacred Song and Kirtan Concert with Daphne Tse
Saturday December 12, 4:30-6:30pm
Sun and Moon Yoga
Cost: 3,000 yen

Join musician Daphne Tse for an afternoon of chanting and singing to the Divine! We’ll sing sacred songs from many traditions honoring the Shakti that is within each of us, opening our hearts and connecting through our voices together. No singing or musical experience needed! If you can talk, you can sing… so come and join us, freeing your voice and opening your heart.

tseBio: Daphne Tse (Photo: Patrick Haley)
Daphne Tse is a soulful singer/songwriter originally from Texas. She explored music through many venues & was drawn to the west in 1994 (relocating to Los Angeles). Ever since her first yoga class in 1994, she has merged her spiritual practice with her contemporary folk singer/songwriter style. She has played for numerous yoga retreats in India, Greece, Guatemala, Costa Rica and now Bali. She studied music at the University of Texas in Austin, The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and kirtan music with Jai Uttal and Daniel Paul in Guatemala. She is currently working on her full-length album in Bali. She has released tracks on yoga music compilations on Sounds True and yoga DVD projects on Acacia with Shiva Rea. Her newly remastered CD, “Mata,” was released this year. For more information, please see www.daphnetse.com

To Register: Hit Contact, email us with the name and date of the workshop in the subject line. Include your full name and cell phone number. Please register early to insure a spot! If you do not receive a reply from us in one week, please register again. Emails DO get lost and we want to make sure we get yours!


All are welcome. Bring your friends, family and the kids!

Daphne’s kirtan will be followed by our 6th Anniversary Party 7:00-9:00pm, accompanied by Daphne. Vegetarian potluck, bring vegetarian, healthy food, and serving/eating utensils. Friends are welcome, admission is free. Bring a White Elephant gift to exchange (don’t buy anything new, please).


(photo: James Bailey)

SEPTEMBER 19-22, 2009 and October, 2009



20-Hour Certification Course September 19-22, 2009 (during the national holiday).

Saturday Sept 19 4:30-9:30pm (5 hours) Sunday Sept 20 7:00pm-9:30pm (2.5 hours) Monday 21 10:00am-4:30pm (6.5 hours) Tuesday 22 10am-5:00pm (6 hours)

Cost: 65,000yen
Limit: 20 students
With Japanese interpretation by Kaeko Yasuda and full photo instruction manual in English or Japanese.


Dates and Times:
Saturday October 10 4:30pm-9:00pm (4.5 hours) Monday October 12 (national holiday) 10:00am-4:30pm (6.5 hours) Saturday October 17 4:30pm-9:00pm (4.5 hours) Saturday October 24 from 4:30pm-9:00pm (4.5 hours)


20 hours total The content is the same at the September RTTC.

Japanese interpretation will be provided by Tomoko Kawahara.

If you are interested in applying, please answer the below questions and send in your application form. Please write RTTC SESSION 3 in the Subject line and include your full name, phone number and address.

Why Restorative Yoga? Why Now?
Daily life is incredibly stressful, especially in an urban environment. We spend a great deal of energy just trying to survive, often running on adrenaline (the “fight or flight response”) until we burn out. Now more than ever, we need a slower, deeper yoga practice that helps us regain our equilibrium and combat the stresses of modern life. Restorative yoga is one such practice that invites the body’s “relaxation response,” calms the nervous system, and quiets the mind. Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing, “passive” practice of Hatha Yoga in which we let go of physical, mental and emotional tension by practicing yoga poses in a fully supported environment, holding the poses for longer durations of time, and focusing on the breath. Supported by a variety of props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, belts, sandbag weights, and other props, this practice helps us regain the equilibrium of the body/spirit, allowing deep relaxation, surrender and opening. This practice is perfect for those who have injuries, are recovering from illness, those with physical limitations, or those who simply want to relax and regain harmony and balance in their lives.

In this teacher training, you will learn: What is Restorative Yoga? How does it work physiologically, psycho-spiritually, and emotionally? Proper use of Props: How to set up each pose. How to spot and correct common mistakes in prop usage Restorative sequences for different effects Many original restorative postures developed by Leza Specific poses/practices for specific therapeutic needs (insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc). Pranayama for Restorative yoga How to design a Restorative yoga class around a specific theme or focus. How to incorporate other forms of yoga therapy into Restorative yoga, such as Thai Yoga Massage, Visualization, Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra, etc.

COURSE FORMAT Classes will be part lecture, part practice, part demonstration in which students will set each other up in the poses and practice with each other, and part question and answer period/discussion.

Leza Lowitz has been teaching and practicing Hatha and Restorative yoga for over a decade. She was the first teacher to introduce Restorative yoga to Japan in 2003. (When Sun and Moon shipped all the props from America, customs officials held them for months because they had to test every pillow and eye bag for hidden drugs!) She has offered her highly popular Restorative yoga classes at workshops and on retreats internationally. She appeared on “99 Size” teaching Restorative yoga in 2004. She is a writer and certified yoga teacher who has studied many yogic and healing traditions with many illustrious teachers and masters from all over the world. She is the owner of Sun and Moon Yoga and author of the best-selling book Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By and Sacred Sanskrit Words: For Yoga, Chant and Meditation (with Reema Datta) in addition to 15 other books.

What to Bring:
The studio has everything you will need for this training. No need to bring bolsters, blankets, weights, eye pillows or anything else. Just bring a notebook and water.. You will be given take-home handouts after the end of each session. No recording will be permitted

How to Apply:
If you are interested in attending this training, hit

Payment instructions will be sent upon receipt of your request. Early application is strongly suggested.

The Magic Eight: Yoga Fundamentals Workshop with Chops Hsu

Eight-Session Yoga Fundamentals Intensive with Chops August 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 and September 5, 6

A Brilliant Introduction to the Cornerstones of Yoga & The Perfect Review (for more experienced practitioners and teachers)

Saturdays from 5:30-7:30pm August 15, 22, 29, September 5
Sundays from 7:00-9:00pm August 16, 23, 30, September 6
At Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
4,000 per session or 30,000 for all 8.
Japanese interpretation by Kaeko Yasuda

Chops (Nick Hsu) will come back from Taipei this August to teach at Sun & Moon. Join this popular Hatha Yoga teacher for 8 sessions of fundamental in yoga as ana and breathing techniques during four weekends in summer. This series is a great way to start building a safe, productive and mean ingful practice, bringing more magic and depth to your yoga. Regardless of the style of yoga you practice, there are important inner and outer alignment principles that, once learned, will give you a much deeper understanding and experience of the rich and magical practice of yoga. The series is a brilliant Introduction to the cornerstones of yoga and the perfect review for more experienced practitioners and teachers.

The program will cover:
-Setting Intentions for the practice
-Alignment principals in yoga asana (Outer alignment supporting inner flow)
-Stability & Freedom (Relating to Sthira Sukham Asanam (Fundamental Principles from the Yoga Sutra)
-Creating opening in the body with the Magic Number 4 (foundations of the feet, core of the pelvis, 4 corners of the body)
-Muscular and Organic actions of the body
-An introduction to the breathing techniques of pranayama
-Effort and Surrender This course will be hands-on asana practice, breaking down the poses with thorough explanations.

Meditation and pranayama will also be explored and explained in detail. Each session will be followed by Q and A and the chance to discuss what has been covered in the class in-depth. This fundamental series will enrich your practice and raise more awareness of yourself, your yoga, and life.

Wednesday August 12 12:30-2:00 BOOKED 2:30-4:00 BOOKED Wednesday August 19 12:30-2:00 BOOKED 2:30-4:00 BOOKED Wednesday August 26 12:30-2:00 BOOKED 2:30-4:00 BOOKED Wednesday September 2 12:30-2:00 BOOKED 2:30-4:00 BOOKED

Please email us to inquire about rates and secure a spot. Chops is offering special rates for this time. Email us your top two date/time preferences.

About Chops: Born in Chiayi, Taiwan and raised in Vancouver, Canada, “Chops” (Nick Hsu) returned to Taiwan in 2002. His background in competitive sports led him to a job as a personal trainer. After a few years and more than a few injuries, Chops was introduced to yoga and immediately felt a deep connection to the practice. By replacing “competition” with“connection,” Chops continued to enjoy the intensity of physical practice while finding the joy of self-understanding that yoga provided. Through his first teacher John Ang, Chops learned to see beyond the physical mechanics of the body and to feel the possibilities that the journey of yoga and self-discovery could provide. In the years since, Chops has become both an avid student and teacher. He currently teaches at Pure Yoga in Taipei, and travels around Asia attending workshops and teacher trainings. Chops’s practice is deeply rooted in the heart-centred and alignment-based philosophy of Anusara Yoga, and he is currently studying with Patrick Creelman and Chris Arcucci. Chops feels blessed to be on the path of yoga, to be in the service of empowering others to improve their lives, open their hearts and gain a truer understanding of life. The workshop will be in English with Japanese translation.

To Register: Hit Contact and send in a request with the name of the workshop in the subject line. Include your full name and cell phone number. Please register early to insure a spot! You may take all, or one, or some of the workshops. For maximum effect, the entire 8 sessions series recommended.

Tibetan Heart Yoga workshops with Masaaki Nakajima

Saturday August 8th 5:30pm-7:30pm
Sunday August 9th 7:00pm-9:00pm  

Cost: 3,500 yen for one day, 6,000 yen for both.

Tibetan Heart Yoga is a unique and powerful style of practicing Yoga, continuing a lineage of about 1,000 years. Its uniqueness can be found in a union of approach where we work from the inside and outside.

We work from the inside with practices that purify our thoughts and deeds in everyday life. We work from the outside with our pranayama (breathing), asana (posture) to purify body and energy.

We are multidimensional beings, with body, breath, energy, mind, and causes. In these practices, we intend to work directly on those layers for more effective yoga practice.

In the workshops, we practice what is called “two wings of the practice” — Tibetan Heart Yoga SERIES 1 and SERIES 2. This is the core practice of Tibetan Heart Yoga. We start with a short lecture for a better understanding of the principles, and then will begin to move for a direct experience on the mat.

Saturday August 8th 5:30pm-7:30pm: SERIES 1: The Six Paramitas (Perfections)

We will practice the Six Perfections during asana with Tonglen compassion meditation to start with. Through this, you will feel the essence of working from both the inside and outside.

Sunday August 9th 7:00pm-9:00pm: SERIES 2: Mahamudra (The Great Seal)
We will work on understanding and experiencing the six flavors of emptiness in meditation and asana practice. The effects of this practice is enhanced by practicing the other wing of Series 1: Six Paramitas.

To Register: Hit Contact and send in a request with the name of the workshop in the subject line. Include your full name and cell phone number. Please register early to insure a spot! Payment to be made at the workshop. Cancellations please provide 48 hours notice minimum.

This workshop will be in Japanese with some English translation by Masaaki.

Three Saturdays of Tibetan Heart Yoga, Series One with Masaaki Nakajima

Tibetan Heart Yoga - Series 1: SIX PARAMITAS (Six Perfections) 
In this class, you will experience a unique and very powerful style of practicing Yoga. Tibetan Heart Yoga is the continuing lineage of a traditional thousand-year old practice where we work from the inside and the outside. We work from the inside with our thoughts and everyday ethical practices, and we work from the outside with asana and pranayama to shift our awareness and transform ourselves. This series includes Tonglen compassion meditation.

11th of July: 16:30-18:00
18th of July: 16:30-18:00
25th of July: 16:30-18:00, followed by a potluck party and community celebration open to all from 18:30-20:30 to announce the establishment of ACIP JAPAN and raise awareness about the Asian Classics Input Project.

Use your class cards or attend as a drop-in. You can take this class without reservations, but to secure your place, we recommend making a reservation. Those with reservation will be given priority.

For Reservations, please email: info@tibetanheartyoga.jp

www.asianclassics.org www.globalfamilyproject.org


Read all about the new Japan branch of The Global Family Project in June 4th Metropolis:

Sun and Moon invites you all to the first event in aid of the Yoga Classics Input Project and the Global Family Project. 


Saturday July 25th
Sun and Moon, Meguro

The Asian Classics Input Project (ACIP) now YCIP (Yoga Classics Input Project) was founded in 1988 to preserve and freely distribute ancient Asian classical literature, and to support refugees in doing this work. Millions of sacred Tibetan texts were destroyed during and after the 1959 invasion of Tibet, and many others are buried in libraries throughout Asia. During the past 20 years, the Asian Classics Input Project has saved thousands of these endangered masterpieces by combing monasteries, libraries and archives throughout Asia. After finding these texts (often the only known remaining copy), we scan them, type them into computers as searchable text files, and then distribute them free of charge to scholars and teachers worldwide.One of the texts, “The Diamond Cutter Sutra” became the basis for the best-selling book “The Diamond Cutter.”

We are honored to have been asked by Gesche Michael Roach to assist in spreading the word about YCIP and open a Japan branch of this wonderful cause.

You can help by “adopting” a family of Tibetan refugees who are employed in inputting these valuable texts. Our goal is to “expand” our families by adopting 50 Tibetan families. When you sponsor a family, they become your family for life! Come to the potluck to learn more about this project and find out ways you can help. Bring your fellow yogi friends to this fun evening!

Please bring one vegetarian/vegan dish to share along with a serving spoon/fork. Also bring your own plate & cutlery for an eco-friendly event. 

If you would like to find out more information about YCIP and the Global Family Project, please seehttp://globalfamilyproject.org/


Please bring family and friends and unite: this is the true essence of yoga.


This Just In: MC Yogi featured in June, 2009 Yoga Journal!
Read all About MC Yogi and The Music & Yoga Revolution in the June, 2009 Yoga Journal


Sat June 20 5:00-8:00pm
Sunday June 21, 7:00-10:00pm

Yoga Rama: A Modern Blend of Yoga, Art, Storytelling and Music
with MC Yogi and Amanda Giacomini

Join yoga hip hop sensation MC Yogi and his wife Amanda for a fun, creative exploration of the yoga tradition.

Sat June 20 5:00-8:00pm

On Saturday, we will begin our journey by invoking Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. We will move into yoga postures to strengthen our connection to the earth and awaken our own inner ELEPHANT POWER! Ancient myths of Ganesh and a slide show of sacred art, will open the gates so that we can enjoy a deeper connection to this playful and powerful diety.

Sunday June 21, 7:00-10:00pm


On Sunday, we will cultivate the strength and courage of the mighty monkey god Hanuman, with a lively asana practice set to a rockin’ soundtrack of devotional world grooves. Through asana, mantra, and meditation we will explore the devotional energy of Hanuman to help us open our own hearts and experience the joy of being connected to our selves, each other, and Spirit.

Cost: 4,500 for one day, 8,000 for both.

Bio: MC Yogi and his wife Amanda met and fell in love at a yoga teacher training course, traveled to India to study with the masters, and in 2001 founded Yoga Toes Studio in Point Reyes Station, California. In 2008, MC Yogi released his debut album of yoga-inspired hip hop called “Elephant Power.” In the same year, Amanda illustrated her first children’s book called “Mo Smells Red.” Together they enjoy traveling the world and sharing their love of yoga, music, and art. For more information see:


To Register: Hit Contact and send in a request with the name of the workshop in the subject line. Include your full name and cell phone number.
Please register early to insure a spot!


Deep Practice with Lucy Roberts

Saturday May 23rd 5:00-8:00pm at Sun and Moon   

Join our beloved Lucy for an extended hatha yoga class with asana, pranayama and meditation.

Cost: 4,000 yen.

Join us for a fluid and creative vinyasa yoga sequence, exploring repetition, pulsation, and improvisation as key skills for bringing more vitality and freedom to the practice. We will use asana and pranayama as tools for opening the heart and quieting the mind, moving us deeper into a state of meditation. Class will conclude with a period of silent sitting, resting in the One seat of meditation.



with percussion by Ted Lafferty
at Sun and Moon Yoga
Friday April 17, 5:30-7:00pm


The Yogini’s Song
A voice workshop/kirtan with Mercedes Bahleda

(singer of “Mercy Songs” and “Path to Bliss” CDs)

“You will know your Yoga is working when you hear the singing within you.” -Svatmarama Yogi, 14th Century

Unlock and free your heart-voice by singing ancient chants and names of the divine from Buddhist and Indian traditions in this hour and a half intensive, guided by professional singer and yogini Mercedes. She’ll guide us through the chakras, vibrating harmonics with the inner sounds that our channels already sing inside us. We’ll learn some sacred mantras of Tibet and discover how singing them can have an effect on the inner body. Mercedes will also teach some of the more secret meditation practices using sound as an object of meditation.

Be ready to open your heart and heal, purifying mind and body in devotion. Everyone is welcome! Bilingual–Japanese interpretation provided by Tomoko Kawahara.

Suggested donation; 3,000yen

Karma Yoga free scholarships to this event are also available. If interested, please contact Leza for scholarship information.

To register, hit CONTACT and send in a request with the name, date, time and title of the workshop(s) in the subject line with your full name and phone number. You will be sent payment information upon receipt of your registration. If you don’t hear from us within a week of emailing, please email us again. Register early to ensure a spot.


Location: Private home in Shirogane, 12 minutes from Sun and Moon. Cost: 8,000 yen an hour.

15th –11pm-12pm booked–& 12-1pm–booked
16th –11-12pm– booked
17th –11-12pm– booked & 12:30pm-1pm –booked
18th–1-2 pm–booked
19th– 11pm-12pm -free & 12-1pm–free 1-2pm Booked
20th –11pm-12pm -free & 12-1pm–free 1-2pm Booked

To register, hit CONTACT and write “Private with Mercedes” in the Subject Line. Specify which time you would like to book. Please include your full name, address and phone number. Directions will be sent to you. Namaste.

Special Classes: Tibetan Heart Yoga SERIES 7

Saturday April 18th 10:30am-12:00am
Yoga Studies Institute Guest Teachers Mercedes Bahleda and Veneral Nyingpo subbing for Leza

Join us for a THY asana class featuring Lady Niguma’s Klesha-Smashing Series with meditations on the five Buddha families and how to use them to destroy your mental afflictions, with Mercedes Bahleda and Venerable Nyingpo.

Use your 4-or 10 class cards, or donation of 3,000 yen (drop-in fee). (Unlimited cards cannot be accepted). No registration. First come-first served.

TIBETAN HEART YOGA- Harness the Power of the Inner Winds
Saturday April 18, 4:30-6:00pm
With Yoga Studies Institute Guest Teacher Yvonne Jaques






The ancient Tibetan Heart Yoga inner winds series is comprised of a sequence of poses that build on each other to directly activate the usually suppressed power of the inner winds. Once the inner winds flow smoothly throughout the body, they begin to eliminate our various different mental afflictions and provide physical and spiritual benefits along with higher states of consciousness and bliss.

Awaken the outer body - asanas and breath
Awaken the inner body - inner winds/vayus

The Inner Winds series combine these awakenings with our thoughts and our meditation in a powerful yoga practice that harnesses the mind to overcome our mental afflictions and obstacles, bringing us to the real purpose of yoga–enlightenment.

All levels of practice welcome, though most suitable for those with at least one year of yoga practice.

*Japanese Interpretation will be provided by Tomoko Kawahara.
About the Instructor:
Yvonne Jaques is a faculty member of Diamond Mountain University in Arizona, a graduate of the Asian Classics Institute’s eighteen courses paralleling a course of study at a Tibetan Buddhist monastic institution, and a registered yoga teacher and Staff Instructor of the Yoga Studies Institute. A movement therapist and C.H.E.K Practitioner (Level 3) in Vancouver since 1991, she is the founder of Wellness Works Integrated Health Services where she seeks to serve others by looking at the entire being as a holistic entity. Through an understanding of how control systems integrate and produce our moment to moment and long term physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reality, Yvonne creates workshops and customizes movement therapy and yoga programs based on individual assessment. She also teaches motor control re-education and functional movement including Diane Lee’s “The Pelvic Girdle” and Linda-Joy Lee’s ‘Connecting to Your Core’ and “Postpartum Health for Moms’ courses.


To register, hit Contact and send in a request with the name, date, time and title of the workshop(s) in the subject line with your full name and phone number. You will be sent payment information upon receipt of your registration. If you don’t hear from us within a week of emailing, please email us again. Register early to ensure a spot! Workshop Cost: 4,000 yen

Yoga Continuing Education for Teachers and Students with
Ted Lafferty at Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro





One Free Talk, One Free Event and 9 Workshops!

Free Talk: Friday April 3rd, 5:30-7:00pm. “Why Yoga”?

Why not just go to the gym? Here we will discuss why we do yoga in the first place and how to get the most out of it. Q and A session also. *Bilingual–Japanese interpretation provided by Tomoko Kawahara.

Free Event: Sunday April 12th 9:15pm-10:30pm Fire Puja

Purify past deeds that you are not proud of. We will look at how our past deeds are affecting our lives now. Then, we’ll learn a purification practice we can do ineveryday life as a meditation. We will also investigate the use a fire puja to purify and learn how to do this easily in our own homes without burning them down. * Bilingual–Japanese interpretation provided by Tomoko Kawahara.


Yoga Continuing Education for Teachers and Students: A Series of Workshops to Deepen your Practice

Saturday April 4th, 5:00-7:00pm Sadhana
Cultivating a Daily Spiritual Practice

Saturday April 4th, 7:30-9:30 Inversions
Flip Yourself, Flip Your World

Sunday April 5th, 7:00-9:00pm Pranayama
Yoga breathing techniques as taught in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Thursday April 9th, 3:00-5:00pm Tibetan Heart Yoga
A powerful heart-opening ancient asana sequence.

Saturday April 11th, 5:00-7:00pm Kriyas
Yogic cleansing techniques from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Saturday April 11th, 7:30-9:30pm Arm Balances
Lift Off!!!

Sunday April 12th, 7:00-9:00pm Solitude
The Art of Spiritual Retreats

Tuesday April 14th, 3:00-5:00pm “The Yogi’s Diet”
Safe and Effective Cleansing and Detoxification Practices

Thursday April 16th, 3:00-5:00pm The Secret of Vinyasa
How do patterns of asana movement change your body and your thought patterns? Asana practice class.


Yoga Continuing Education for Teachers and Students DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS:

Saturday April 4th, 5:00-7:00pm Sadhana. How to cultivate a Daily Spiritual Practice. One does not have to go and live in a cave or monestary in order to have a effective daily practice. Learn practices that transcend any one tradition to make your practice work for people living in todays busy society. * Bilingual–Japanese interpretation provided by Tomoko Kawahara.

Saturday April 4th, 7:30-9:30pm Inversions. Contrary to popular belief, handstands are not only for strong people! Learn techniques and alignment tricks to make getting upside down and off the ground accessible to anyone. * Bilingual–Japanese interpretation assistance provided as needed by Minako Suzuki.

Sunday April 5th 7:00-9:00pm Pranayama. Pranayama (breathing practices) can be a very effective way to bring about transformation to the practitioner, it can also be a very dangerous one. Learn techniques and safety issues as taught in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the most recognized technical guide to yoga in the world. Students will leave with an in-depth knowledge of pranayama as well as how to begin practicing safely. * Bilingual–Japanese interpretation provided by Tomoko Kawahara.

Thursday April 9th, 3:00-5:00pm Tibetan Heart Yoga Series 4. An asana practice that uses outer methods like asana and pranayama linked with an inner method of meditative practice to bring around very fast transformation. Once an understanding is gained, this method can be taken into any yoga practice that one may do. Dynamic and life-changing. * Bilingual–Japanese interpretation assistance provided as needed by Minako Suzuki.

Saturday April 11th, 5:00-7:00pm Kriyas. How can cleaning myself improve my spiritual life? Can rinsing out my nose really improve allergies and lead to increased wisdom? This workshops looks at the various yogic cleaning techniques that are explained in the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika”. The oldest and most recognized technical guide to yoga. * Bilingual–Japanese interpretation provided by Tomoko Kawahara.

Saturday April 11th, 7:30-9:30pm Arm Balances. Learn alignment and technical necessities to ensure that anyone can get their feet off the ground. Safe, fun, challenging, transformational. * Bilingual–Japanese interpretation assistance provided as needed by Minako Suzuki.

Sunday April 12th, 7:00-9:00pm Solitude. The Art of Spiritual Retreats. Whether for half a day or half a year, retreats can be the most important time in a person’s life. Here we will look at “why” and “how” of doing retreats. * Bilingual–Japanese interpretation provided by Tomoko Kawahara.

Tuesday April 14th, 3:00-5:00pm “The Yogi’s Diet.” Learn safe and effective cleansing and detoxification practices. Detox diets are popular these days, as they promise fast results. Most, however, can result in more damage than benefit. Here we will learn safe and effective techniques to do some spring cleaning in our body. Clearer mind, clearer skin, clearer poop. * Bilingual–Japanese interpretation provided by Shivani.

Thursday April 16th, 3:00-5:00pm The Secret of Vinyasa Vinyasa is more than just a “flowy” and fun way to do yoga. Find out how doing yoga in a vinyasa format can change your thought patterns as well as you body. In this workshop we will look at techniques that will make our vinyasa practice more effective and more enjoyable. * Bilingual–Japanese interpretation assistance provided as needed by Minako Suzuki.



Asian Classics Institute Course 1, The Three Principal Paths. An in-Depth Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, Suggested donation 2500 yen per class. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 1PM-5PM, April 6th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 15th. Drop ins welcome. Registration greatly encouraged in order to provide the class materials.

This course is an excellent overview of the entire Buddhist path; all subsequent Courses elaborate upon the ideas presented in this Course. This course is based upon The Three Principal Paths (Lamtso Namsum) by Je Tsongkapa (1357-1419), with the commentary of Pabongka Rinpoche (1878-1941). Topics include: what is a qualified teacher, how to take a lama, what is Buddha nature, what is authentic Dharma, what are samsara and renunciation, the principles of karma, the problems of human life, bodhichitta and its benefits, how to generate bodhichitta, the two levels of reality, what is the correct view of emptiness according to each of the four schools of thought, and the relationship between karma and emptiness.

Ted Lafferty is a teacher with the Yoga Studies Institute and is certified in Jivamukti Yoga and Tibetan Heart Yoga. He has taught both yoga asana and yoga philosophy in Europe, Asia and North America. He also teaches nutrition and runs a weight-loss program that allows people to use their spiritual path to achieve their physical goals. He is the teacher in a Yoga DVD by “Good Balance.” Ted spends his time between his home in Canada and traveling to study and teach. For more information about the Yoga Studies Institute, please see: http://www.yogastudiesinstitute.org/

3500 yen each, or 3000 yen when you register for 5 or more sessions of the “Yoga Continuing Education” Series.

To register, hit Contact and send in a request with the name, date, time and title of the workshop(s) in the subject line with your full name and phone number. You will be sent payment information upon receipt of your registration. If you don’t hear from us within a week of emailing, please email us again. Register early to ensure a spot!

Free Talks/Lectures:

Emotional Yoga and Qigong: Women and Wellbeing Lifeshop with Sara-Shivani at Sun and Moon Yoga
Saturday and Sunday February 21- 22, 2009






(Enrollments must be for 2 Days. If you wish to take one day only, you can only take Feb 21 for 6,000yen. It is not possible to take Feb 22 only.)

By nature women are beautiful, expressive, sensual and strong. But constraints and stresses of modern society have to a large degree suppressed our nature and our holistic health needs tend to suffer. Many women feel tense and mistrust towards men, jealous and judgmental towards other women and suffer from fear around beauty, sexuality and their future.

If you feel like this and would like to reconnect with your femininity, come and join Sara-Shivani`s Women and Wellbeing Lifeshop.

Rather than just a workshop, it is a `Lifeshop` that will provide you with experiences to help you feel fulfilled as a women in your everyday life. It is an opportunity to really connect and have a heart to heart talk with other women and compliment your physical (asana) practice with an emotional practice that allows you to feel happy and whole. Through Tantra and Tao yoga exercises, we will first create an atmosphere of relaxation and trust. Then we will discuss the physical, mental and emotional issues that affect us as women and learn some simple techniques that can nourish us holistically. The two night sessions offer you the opportunity to share, grow and feel the power that comes with feminine group (`sister`) support. The teachings will open a pathway for you to create a natural, healthy and beautiful lifestyle as a woman and as a yogini.

Session One (Saturday February 21) 17:00-22:00
(5 hours, plus 45 minute group dinner break)
(includes 45 minute group dinner, bring food)

What is the essence of being a woman?
Philosophical and practical discussion.
Experience tantra yoga moving meditations that open up the body’s energy channels.

Learn 2 Tao yoga (Qi Gong) healing sequences that teach you specific pressure points, massage techniques and sound vibrations to help balance female hormones and release blocked energy, especially in the breastand uterus areas.

The intention of the Lifeshop is not just to offer an educational and enjoyable experience but also to create a supportive community of women. In this spirit, we will have a potluck dinner break (7:00-7:45pm) on Saturday night. Lets enjoy conversation & sisterhood over food.

What to Bring:
1. Something vegetarian to eat (enough for 4-5 people to share. Home-made is welcome).
2. Something to drink. Your own cup, dish, chopsticks.
3. A paper/plastic bag (for take home garbage)

Session Two (Sunday February 22) 18:45-22:15
(3 hours, plus two 15 minute breaks).

How can we nourish ourselves as women?
Experience 2 holistically de-toxing dynamic meditations.
Review and Practice the Tao yoga healing sequences.

beach_qigong_.JPG Profile: Sara-Shivani is a certified Yoga and Qigong instructor, Relaxation Bodyworker and Musical Performer. An a Australian native, she has been living in Japan for 7 years and lives near the ocean and temples in Kamakura. She has trained intensively in Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi Chun and massage therapy in China , India , Japan and Australia. She specializes in creating holistic health programs based on the theme SHIZEN, which
means nature and natural in Japanese. Her lifework is http://livingshizen.com.

Shivani sees a need for more yoga classes that consider the unique physical and emotional needs of women, and are more practically based on how incorporate teachings into everyday life to nourish personal and professional relationships. Experiencing marriage and divorce in Japan, she knows how Japanese society can make a women feel lonely and unsupported. Her `Lifeshop` is an offering to women so that they can self-explore their femininity and connect with other women in a safe and sacred environment.

Read the JAPAN TIMES ARTICLE (Saturday, Sept. 20, 2008) about her journey as a women in Japan at;

REGISTRATION:Advanced registration required. To register, hit Contact and send in a request with WOMEN’S YOGA in the subject line, including your full name and cell phone number. Bank payment details will be sent by mail. Register early to ensure a spot! Please specify which workshop you wish to attend (Date, Time, and Workshop Title).

Association for Women in Finance
Presents its Entrepreuners Lecture Series
Featuring Leza Lowitz, Owner of Sun and Moon Yoga, Tokyo





Creating Abundance-Money as Flow
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! A One-Day CRASH COURSE in Energy Flow and Manifesting with Leza Lowitz at Sun and Moon Yoga



Do you feel guilty having plenty? How do you approach giving and receiving?
Do you love what you do?
Does something always seem to stop you from pursuing your dreams?

Money and abundance, like everything else in the universe, are forms of energy.They have certain spiritual laws of flow. What is your attitude towards money and abundance? Where did it come from? Do you give yourself permission to have abundance?

*This workshop is not just about financial flow, but opening up ALL CHANNELS OF FLOW in the universe and manifesting your highest potential.*

This workshop will help you understand and transform your relationship to money and flow, ultimately helping you find your life’s work and realize your natural state of abundance and generosity.

In this workshop, we will use:

・ guided meditations
・ journaling
・ manifesting techniques
・ partner work
・ magnetizing techniques and more…

All to help you understand and transform your beliefs about money and abundance, listen to your intuition, and draw opportunity and possibility to you in ways that support you and the universe.

Writer Bonnie Lee La Madeleine attended a prior workshop on Creating Abundance. She said, “The workshop did more to help me see how I hinder my own efforts than anything else. The experience has helped me focus my writing skills and develop a plan to become a full-time self-employed writer. I now have one book in negotiation, and one proposal being seriously considered.”

A participant in the February, 2008 Creating Abundance Course wrote to say:

“I can’t thank you enough for all you taught and offered today. I have not felt this clear about my purpose in life before. So much in today’s workshop spoke to me, and I now have the faith and trust in myself to go forward and put it all into action!!!”

If you have been looking for a way to expand your horizons and potential, this special workshop is for you.

To register hit Contact and send in a request with ABUNDANCE WS in the subject line by January 5.
Include your full name and phone number. Register early to ensure a spot!

The workshop will be in English with some Japanese interpretation by Kaeko Yasuda. You may do the journaling and partnerwork in Japanese.

A portion of the revenues from this workshop will be donated to the USHA Foundation charity. http://www.ushayogafoundation.org


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