with Global Vocalist Gina Sala
at Sun and Moon Yoga, Tokyo
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15: 6:30-9:00pm
4,500 yen

We’re happy to welcome Gina Sala again for another blissful evening of chant, direct from India. Saturday evening, Gina will offer tips and techniques to brng more opening and freedom to your voice, and then will lead us in bhakti (heart opening/devotional) chant and singing practices known as kirtan. These are simple and accessible to all, so that the mind can rest and the heart can open. Come experience bliss and connection which then ripples out throughout your life. All are
welcome, no experience needed, participate as you like. Please bring water.

NADA AND MANTRA YOGA:: A Tantric Approach to a Delicious Life
at Sun and Moon Yoga
SUNDAY. November 16: 7:00pm-9:00pm

The ancient sages and modern scientists have known that the world is
energy in vibration. Nada (sound) yoga, mantra and japa are powerful
tools to enable us to quickly and powerfully experience peace and joy
in our inner and outer worlds through the power of vibration.

As with most powerful tools, clear instruction can make the difference
as to whether one experiences the full benefits. In this relaxing,
rejuvenating evening, Gina Sala (who has been chanting mantra for over
30 years) welcomes all, offering simple and effective nada yoga
techniques to help us open to and experience and power of vibrations
in our physical and energetic bodies. She will guide us in specific
mantras (focusing on shanti and tantric mantra) and tonification of
the chakras through sound. With patience and warmth, she offers
precise and clear instruction on pronunciation to ensure that
participants can experience the full benefit of the mantra. Gina Sala
teaches from a tantric approach, inviting us to allow our full
humanity to be welcomed in our spiritual practices- including the
natural tendencies of the personality. In this welcoming, we
experience integration, peace and love. No particular belief system is
needed, only a willingness to open to grace. With her clear guidance,
Gina again offers us transformative tools for a delicious life, and
an opportunity to directly experience that “the world is sound and we
are free”. All are blessed.


Advanced registration required. To register, hit Contact and send in
a request with BHAKTI or NADA YOGA in the subject line, including your
full name and cell phone number. Register early to ensure a spot!
Please specify which workshop you wish to attend (Date, Time, and
Workshop Title). Incomplete registrations will not be processed.

If you do not receive a confirmation reply within ONE WEEK,
your registration has not been received. If that is the case, please
re-send your registration request.


ABOUT GINA SALA: Gina Sala has lead chanting and voice workshops
internationally for 15 years. She has a repertoire spanning 21
languages, has sung at the United Nations, and as lead singer for
Cirque du Soleil’s “O”. She began chanting mantra while living in a
hindu ashram at the age of 3 under the guidance of Swami Sivanada
Radha and the great sound yogi Nada Brahmananda. Since then, she has
learned and shared songs with sound healers and musicians from many
lands. She leads annual “River of Sound” tours to India and other
regions to help us experience the power of sound and vibration to
bring about peace and joy. Her passion is helping us to awaken us to
Who We Are. She is available for private sessions in freeing the voice
for speaking and singing, mantra, or sound healing between November
1-16 in Japan. Details: http://www.ginasala.com or info@ginasala.com or +1-206-412-3745.

INDIVIDUAL VOICE SESSIONS with Gina Sala at Sun and Moon Yoga: As we
release and transform blocks to our own vocal expression, we experience
more freedom in mind, body, spirit and emotions. Your own voice is a
direct pathway to integration of all aspects of our being and for
deepening easy connection with others- which enhances the quality of our
life and projects. Gina Sala offers individual voice lessons to help you
speak or sing with greater freedom and ease. She also offers voice and
healing sessions for wellness, private mantra, chant, harmonium
instruction. For more information on pricing and to schedule: +1 (206)
412-3745 or email info@ginasala.com. More details
at http://www.ginasala.com





SEVA (selfless service) is at the heart of the ancient practice of Yoga.
We all know that the good seeds we plant in helping and serving others
come back to us multiplied in magical ways. Many people say they want
to help and practice Karma Yoga, but they don’t know how or where to
start. Finally, here is your chance to be a part of an amazing charity
yoga event to support children with terminal illnesses and their
families in Japan.

Yoga Aid Challenge is pleased to announce its first Japan event.

The two-hour event will be held on November 9th from 9:30-11:30 at
Pacifico Yokohama. The sun salutations are led by 12 teachers. In
Hong Kong, YogaAid salutations were led by John Friend, David Swenson,
Brian Kest, Duncan Wong and Ken Harakuma, among others. In Tokyo, Leza
is going to be one of the teachers leading the salutations and
practicing them along with everyone else. I’ve pledged the support of
Sun and Moon, so let’s all *get off our butts* and rise to this
challenge to plant seeds of hope and love for these children and their

Even if you can’t attend or do the entire 108 salutations, you can
contribute or come and support and do what you can.

The two-hour event will be held on November 9th in Yokohama at Pacifico
Yokohama. The concept is very simple-each participant
pays a 3,000 yen registration fee and then performs 108 sun salutations at
the event. All the registration fees are donated to charity.

Leza will be be one of the 12 teachers leading the salutations
and practicing them along with everyone else. I’ve pledged the support
of Sun and Moon, so let’s all rise to this challenge to plant seeds of
hope and love for these children and their families! Even if you can’t
attend or do the entire 108 salutations, you can contribute or come and
support and do what you can. There is room for 300 people, so come and
bring a friend and let the sun shine.

It’s the first time this charity event has been offered in Japan and
through yoga, money is being raised for a charity that grants kids with
terminal illnesses and their families a dream day in Tokyo–many choose
Disneyland. The charity they are supporting is called A Dream a Day in
Tokyo and the non-profit’s website is: http://www.guesthouse.or.jp

The yoga aid website is http://www.YogaAid.jp. Visit the website to
register for this fun and important event.


Qigong for Relaxation, Flexibility and Strength.
A Living Shizen workshop with Shivani-Sarah.


Saturday October 25, 6:00-8:30pm (Sequence One)
Sunday, October 26, 7:00-9:00pm (Sequence Two)

Are you looking for an energetic but relaxing way to move your body?
Would you like to balance a high-paced yoga or exercise program with a
slower and softer approach?
Would you like more flexibility, strength and calm state of mind?
If yes, then come and try Qigong!

Qigong (pronounced chee gong), means”Life energy skills.” In the west, it
is often referred to as Taoist yoga. It is a Chinese system of exercises,
breathing techniques, and meditations that allow you to access the
benefits of “Life energy,” called qi (or prana by Indian Yogis). Qigong
has a similar philosophy to Yoga, but the movements are noticeably
different– softer and rounder. Qigong is a moving meditation-a graceful
dance of movements that make your feel like you are floating in the air.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that energizing the body through Qigong
promotes health, vitality and increases longevity.
Modern research has found that long-term practice tends to strengthen
the immune system, prevent disease, heal pain, protect joints and
ligaments, and even promote happiness.
Shivani can testify from experience that this is true, and one of her
passions is sharing the health benefits of Qigong with others. In this
Sun and Moon Workshop she will teach Wu Ji Gong (or “Enlighenment Qi
Gong” as renamed by her teacher Andrew Fretwell.) It is a 3-minute
sequence of conscious, gentle, and easy-to-do movements. It is divided
into two sessions- Earth Energy and Heaven Energy. Both sections move in
a circle facing the 4 directions of the compass and are repeated four
times. The movements focus on moving energy through the main energy
channels of the spine, fingers and hands.

Shivani says: “Wu Ji Gong is very simple but very powerful. With daily
practice, you can restore an optimum level of water, blood and lymph
circulation in the body. You can generate a high level of energy and
relaxed state of being. It makes you feel wonderful. I always feel like
I am a feather dancing peacefully in the wind. You need little space to
practice and you can even receive health benefits from doing it sitting
or lying down. I will teach the fundamental principles of Qigong, so no
knowledge of Qigong is necessary. Those with little or no fitness can
rest assured that the content is easy to understand and do. I also
highly recommend people who practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga or exercise
regime that focuses on the cardio and muscular systems, to try this
program and discover the energy benefits of slower and deeper movements.
I practice Wu Ji Gong before and after my musical stage performances
and this prevents muscle soreness and refreshes my whole being. Wu Ji
Gong is a magical mix of soft and rhythmical movements that awaken inner
strength, flexibility and beauty. It has changed my life in such a
positive way.”

The workshop will be in Japanese and English by Shivani-Sarah.
Register early to ensure a spot! People who can participate in both
Saturday and Sunday night sessions will be given first preference.

Saturday October 25, 6:00-8:30pm (Sequence One)
-Learn and experience the most important elements of Qigong.
-Learn specific breathing and moving exercises to promote health, flexibility and grace.
-Learn the first sequence (Earth Energy) of Wu Ji Gong.

Sunday, October 26, 7:00-9:00pm (Sequence Two)
-Learn some secrets of experience true relaxation
-Learn the second sequence (Heaven Energy) of Wu Ji Gong.
-Practice both sequences together and learn how to incorporate the practice into your daily life.

About the Instructor:
Shivani-Sarah is a personal trainer, certified Yoga and Qigong instructor,
Relaxation Bodyworker and Musical Performer. Australian native, she has
been living in Japan for 7 years and lives near the ocean and temples in
Kamakura. She has trained intensively in Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi Chun and
massage therapy in China , India , Japan and Australia. Shivani received
her Yoga Alliance teaching certification (315 hours) in India under the
Gurukul system (one on one training with a master) and participated in
the first Enlightenment Qi Gong teachers training given by Andrew
Fretwell. Shivani is also the first westerner to train in Japanese
`Jeevan Relaxation Bodywork` and loves to shares the secrets of
attaining deep relaxation in her workshops. Shivani`s lifework is
`Living Shizen`. She specializes in creating holistic health programs
based on the theme SHIZEN-which means nature and natural in Japanese.
She draws on her personal experience of creating and cultivating her
health after years of suffering from asthma, allergies, chronic back
pain, and poor circulation. Her workshops introduce both eastern and
western techniques for creating well-being, and increasing the success of
professional and personal development.

COST: 4,000yen for each session, or 7000 yen for both.


Sound Workshop: Approaching Ourselves through Sound、Outer and Inner
With Christopher Yohmei Blasdel



Where: Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
Date: Saturday, October 18th, 2008
Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm Workshop
8:30pm-10:00pm Concert
Cost: 5.000 yen workshop, concert 2,500 yen (take both for 7,000)

This afternoon intensive workshop will concentrate on the process of listening and awareness to the world of sound: both those that surround us in our environment and those that are within. Through active listening, we learn to let the world around us make an impression on our soul: through active speaking or singing, we learn how to make our own impression on the world. This workshop will include listening exercises as well as a talk and demonstrations on the use of sound in Zen Buddhism as a tool for enlightenment, including a “sound stroll” in the back alleys of the neighborhood. The workshop will be followed by an evening solo shakuhachi performance.

1. Outer Sounds
Sound Introduction & Ear Cleaning
・ Prioritizing our auditory senses: sounds vs. sight
・ Orientation. learning to listen: exercises to sensitize the ear
・ Listening to our bodies

2. Talk/demonstration: Sound as a vehicle for enlightenment. The use of sound in Buddhism as a means for attaining awareness of the higher worlds:
The Shakuhachi and the single tone.

3. Inner Sounds
Listening to the body
・ Tones and chakras
・ Sound and health
・ Body balance through tone

Workshop taught in English and Japanese by Christopher Yohmei Blasdel

CONCERT: The evening concert will consist of a selection of traditional
meditative shakuhachi solo works along with exciting contemporary shakuhachi

Note: (One may attend the concert without attending the workshop)

Advanced registration required. Workshop limited to 18 people.

Instructor Profile:

Christopher Yohmei Blasdel began the shakuhachi and studies of Japanese
music in 1972 with Goro Yamaguchi. In 1982 he received an MFA in
ethnomusicology from
Tokyo University of Fine Arts, and received his professional name “Yohmei
” from Yamaguchi in 1984. Performing in Japan and around the world,
Blasdel maintains a balance between traditional shakuhachi music, modern
compositions and cross-genre work with musicians, dancers, poets and visual
artists. Discography includes Breath Play (2007), Visionary Tones (2005) and
several other CDs of traditional and contemporary music. He has composed and
performed music for NHK documentaries and various films. He co-organized the
World Shakuhachi Festival
’98 held in Boulder, Colorado and was artistic director of the Fukuoka
Gendai Hogaku Festival, 2002-2003. His semi-autobiographical book, The Single
Tone: A Personal Journey through Shakuhachi Music (Printed Matter Press,
2005)?originally published in Japanese as Shakuhachi Odessei by Kawade
Publishers, 2000 and winner of the prestigious Rennyo Award for non-fiction),
details his experiences learning and playing the s!
hakuhachi in Japan and around the world. He presently teaches Japanese
music at Temple University in Tokyo and is Artistic Director of the
International House of Japan, Inc. Blasdel is a member of the Japanese performing
group, Aura-J and also holds a second-degree black belt in Aikido.

For more information, please see http://www.yohmei.com.

ALSO See the Close-Up in Sept 5th issue of Metropolis magazine
Please scroll down to the end of the page.


Tibetan Heart Yoga Intensive with Ted Lafferty of the Yoga Studies Institute


AS FEATURED IN September Yoga Journal Japan!

Sat-Tuesday September 6-9, 2008
At Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
A Four-Session Series Plus Special Classes

Session 1: Saturday, September 6th, 5:30 - 7:30pm Yoga Sutra 1 –
“How Yoga Works.” The Yoga Sutra, by Master Patanjali, is considered the
mother text of
yoga. This poetic and profound text teaches us the true goal of yoga:
attaining a divine body and mind through daily practice of the eight
limbs of yoga.
Session 2: Sunday. September 7th, 6:45- 8:45pm “The Yogi’s Diet.”
Using modern knowledge and ancient wisdom explore the perfect diet
for the yogi. Ted will use his experience as a nutritionist, as well as the
guidelines of given in the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” to guide students
into designing a perfect diet for themselves as individuals.
Session 3: Monday, September 8th, 12:30- 2:30pm (Asana) “Tibetan Heart
Yoga 1″ The Yoga of Giving and Taking. Tibetan heart yoga vinyasa is a
perfect blend of vigorous flowing postures woven together by a
compassion meditation that will leave you in ecstasy
Session 4: Monday, September 8th, 3:00- 5:00pm “Yoga Sutra 2″ Karmic
correlations. Do ethics really matter? The Yoga Sutra, by Master
Patanjali, is considered the “mother text” of yoga. This poetic and
profound text teaches us the true goal of yoga: attaining a divine body
and mind through daily practice of the eight limbs of yoga.

“Jivamukti Liberation Lounge”

Saturday September 6th, 8-10pm “Jivamukti Liberation Lounge”

A late-night energetic yoga class like no other. Combining great
music and a high intention for a channel-opening class you will not
forget. Come rock with us!

Course Fee: 3,500 yen.
“Tibetan Heart Yoga 2″

Tuesday, September 9th, 2:30- 4:30pm “Tibetan Heart Yoga 2″ The Five
Winds. This vinyasa yoga practice is a perfect blend of vigorous
flowing postures and an in depth exploration of the subtle body.

Classes will be taught in English.

Course Fee:
1 Lesson-3,500 yen.
2 Lessons-6,500 yen (3,250 yen each)
4 Lessons- 12,500 yen (3,125 yen each)
6 Lessons-18,600 yen (3,100 yen each)

Payment instructions to be sent upon receipt of your registration. The
package deal is for ANY two, four or six classes out of the total.
Please specify which courses you wish to enroll in. (See below for
registration instructions).

About the Instructor: Ted Lafferty is a teacher with the Yoga Studies
Institute and is certified in Jivamukti Yoga and Tibetan Heart Yoga. He
has taught both yoga asana and yoga philosophy in Europe, Asia and North
America. He also teaches nutrition and runs a weight-loss program that
allows people to use their spiritual path to achieve their physical
goals. He is the teacher in a soon-to-be-released Yoga DVD by “Good
Balance.” Ted spends his time between his home in Canada and
traveling to study and teach. For more information about the Yoga
Studies Institute, please see: http://www.yogastudiesinstitute.org/


Develop a Deeper Awareness Of The Connection Between the Dristi and the Coccyx
a Lecture/Workshop with ACO YOSHIKAWA



at Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
Saturday, August 23
3,000 yen

*Workshop in Japanese only.

ACO aims to give you a deeper understanding of yoga and will focus on the
special connection between the coccyx and dristi. When dristi is connected
correctly with the body, your practice unfolds into a different level,
with more awareness of your breath and a stronger connection to your
practice. In a typical class of yoga, the focus is more on the asana
rather than the dristi. There are few workshops that give you a chance
to place more emphasis on using the dristi and the coccyx in your

The relationship between the coccyx and the practice of yoga asanas will be
reviewed in this workshop. Points that will be covered:

・ What are the eight dristis?
・ How do you feel when the body changes when applying dristi?
・ What relationship do the dristi and the coccyx have?
・ What changes when you are conscious of the coccyx?
・ Applying the consciousness of the dristi and coccyx in your
yoga practice.

The theme of this workshop is similar to the popular workshop held at
Lotus+8 in April. This time, the content has been improved especially
for Sun&Moon, which is ACO’s homeground.

ACO has been studying the relationship between various kinds of
bodywork, anatomy, and yoga for 15 years. Here, she introduces a new and
unique understanding of Dristi beyond the classic textbook approach.
This workshop will be part lecture, part movement, and part practice.
Let’s enjoy discovering more about the dristi together.

Limit: 20 students


Practical Advice on Teaching for TTC Graduates

at Sun and Moon Yoga
Sunday August 24
1000 yen donation

*Workshop in Japanese only.

This workshop is geared toward those who have completed a Yoga TTC and
are starting teaching yoga in private lessons, group lessons, sports
gyms, and at yoga studios.

We’ll discuss how to open a yoga class, how to compose
a class program, the rewards of teaching, and class crisis-management.
Discussion is encouraged, in which we freely share our concerns and
experience, regardless as to whether you teach individual
lesson, group lesson, sports gym, or at a yoga studio. It doesn’t matter
if you are an experienced teacher, a teacher-in-training, or prospective
teacher. All are welcome

About the Instuctor:
ACO has been teaching yoga for more than 15 years at sports gyms and
yoga studios. She also serves as a judge for yoga instructor
applications at various studios. Rather than a one-sided lecture forum,
this will bean open discussion, providing us with a chance to deepen our
mutual encouragement and exchange ideas and learn from the experiences
of all participants.

Limit: 22 students


“Yoga of Sound”
Mantra Chanting Workshop with Yuki Taniguchi


Saturday, August 9, 5:30pm-7:30pm at Sun and Moon Yoga
Cost: 4000yen

Mantra is a combination of sounds which have hidden power to awaken the
divine within. Mantra Yoga is a branch of yoga which uses the
vibration of mantra to unfold consciousness.

When we chant mantra, the mind focuses on the sound, stops thinking, and
a state of meditation arises. The heart is purified and healed in the
sacred vibration of mantra. Eventually we experience the essence of
our being, which is filled with love and peace.

In this workshop we will practice mantra in the acient language of India,
Sanskrit, in both Vedic chanting as well as kirtan style, which is more
melodic. We will progress slowly, chanting short phrases at a time in
call and response style. Even if you have never chanted
before, you are welcome to join!

In this workshop, we will practice the mantra and meditation techniques below:

・Gayatri mantra (mantra for Lord Sun)
・Mahamrtyunjaya mantra (mantra for Lord Shiva)
・Vaidika Shanti mantra (mantra for peace)
・Surya Namaskara mantra (sun salutation mantra)
・Shayana mantra (mantra for forgiveness & compassion)
・Visvakalyana mantra (mantra for peace)
・Sarasvati mantra (mantra for Sarasvati, the goddess of education and
the arts)
・Om meditation
・Chakra meditation with bija mantra

…and more…

This workshop is for people to learn mantra so they can take it home
with them. We will give handouts in Sanskrit, English and Japanese
with transliteration and meanings.
No experience necessary. Enjoy the melody of India and the sacred
vibration of the Sanskrit language.

About the Instructor:
Yuki Taniguchi fell in love with the beauty of mantra when she was a
student in San Francisco. Later she went to India to deepen her mantra
study, and studied Vedic chanting, sanskrit language, and classical
Indian singing. Currently she teaches mantra and hatha yoga in Tokyo
and Kamakura.

COST: 4,000 yen for the session. Workshop in English and Japanese by Yuki.


Here Comes the Sun!
Awaken your Practice with the Heat of the Surynamaskara
with Em Bettinger


Saturday August 2nd, 5.30pm - 8.00pm
4500 yen

If your Downward Dog is unhappy, your Warrior 1 is losing its battle,
the Chair Pose just isn’t comfy or you dread Chaturanga, then this is the
workshop for you.

Surynamaskara: Surya = sun Namaskara = greeting or salutation

This is a flow that offers us so much and honors the giver of light,
yet, are we mindfully aware of what we are doing? Or, are we rushing
through the
asanas to reach the more “challenging” aspects of the practice?

Through this workshop, surynamaskaras A and B will be broken down in
detail to explore how the breath is working and what the body is doing.
the use of props, partner work and visualization, this session will be
the dawn of a new era for your sun salutations! If you have fallen into
some bad habits,
let’s change them and form good new ones instead.

If you are new to yoga, you will be introduced to the foundations of
an asana practice while being offered modifications to help you ease
into the sequence. For those with an established practice, you will be
challenged to re-energize the flow. Teachers can learn effective
techniques for breaking down the elements of the sun salutations and
proper form, alignment, and how to inspire. Prepare to sweat and SHINE.

For Beginners to Advanced Practitioners to Teachers

About the Instructor: Em Bettinger loves movement and the mechanics of it
and started dancing from an
early age, going on to study contemporary dance at 18. Through her
dance studies she was introduced to yoga. Em sees yoga as a “dance on
the mat” - the breath guiding you and energy radiating from within. She
believes you need to be in the movement physically, mentally and
emotionally - then as a person you grow, as does your practice.
Em teaches Ashtanga Basics and Vinyasa Flow at Sun and Moon.

The workshop will be in English with Japanese translation.


Michael Glenn–The Art of the Long Practice


Saturday, July 26, 5;00-8:00pm
Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
Limit: 15 People
Cost: 4,000 yen

Hot summer weather gives us a chance to work more deeply into poses with
less movement. Through this more direct path into stillness, we seek
expanded awareness of the transformative effects hatha yoga can bring to
mind and spirit. In this 3-hour class, we will focus on deep stretching,
using PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), co-activation of
muscles and other methods, to explore edges and prepare the mind for a deep

For intermediate to advanced practitioners. This workshop will be in
English only.

Instructor Bio: For Michael’s Bio, please see teacher’s bio page.


Sun and Moon Co-sponsors Summer Event with Capoeira Zoador Academy July 5th in Tamachi!
Rhythms of Life: Celebrating the Power of the Human Spirit through Music
and Dance Celebrate the Power of Life!



Come Join Us!

leave soon! Or Map on the flier at: www.capoera.jp website and we’ll see
you there!

Saturday, July 5, 2008
Where: Event Space: Studio Cube 326
Tokyo-to Minato-ku Kaigan 3-2-6
Tel 03-5439-9199 (information guide)
Pre-Sale \3,500w/1 drink
At Door \4,000w/1 drink
Access: 10 minutes walk from JR Tamachi St. East exit. 5minutes walk
from Yurikamome Sibaurahutou St. 2minutes walk from Toei Bus

5minutes by car toward from Rainbow Bridge

2F Samba, MPB, and Bossa Nova Capoeira and Afro-Brazil Dance Show by
Capoeira Zoador Academy
2F Brazil: Braziliansaurus (Silvio Anastacio)
4F Salsa, Son, and Reggaeton Salsa Show
6FAfrican Roots Music and Reggae African Dance Show

2F Brazil: Silvio Anastacio and Braziliansaurus will show you why they’re
considered one of the best Brazilian bands to ever perform in Japan. If
you love Brazil you’ll love this band!
DJ POPOZUDA is one of the hottest Brazilian music DJs in Japan today!
She’s going to play Brazil’s most popular club music to get everyone moving and
2F Capoeira Zoador Academy -Capoeira is a Brazilian cultural art that
combines dance, music, playfulness, acrobatics, and martial arts.
Capoeira is a rich and rewarding way to experience the beauty of Brazilian
4F Salsa: Alexander Pedrone with Puros Habanos. If you like salsa, then
you’re going to love the hottest salsa band in Tokyo.
Their unique style will whisk you away to the tropical beaches of Havana.
Frank Abel is not just a great DJ,
but he really knows how to heat things up! Get ready for a night of some
of the best Latin music ever!
6F African Roots: Anyago will be performing traditional African percussion
accompanied by some of the most talented African dancers in Japan.
If you love African roots, get ready for a journey between Africa and


Capoeira Zoador Academy (Takadanobaba) or Capoeira Zoador Academy, Magome
Studio 169-0075
or Unionpalace Takadanobaba B1, 3-10-3 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-3361-1971 http://www.capoeira.jp
E-mail: info@capoeira.jp


Harnessing the Power of Ki with Shogo Oketani, Karate Buff and Gentleman



Saturday, June 28, 5:00pm-8:00pm at Sun and Moon Yoga

Using The Power of Ki
Ki (氣) is the life-force energy of the cosmos that also exists within each of us. We have a power source or life center in the body called the “dantien” (Japanese: tanden) located at the hara, three finger-widths beneath the belly button. In Japan there is an expression, “Put your power in the sokka tanden (under the belly button).” This means to gain
equanimity and composure by focussing your energy on this point. When we integrate the energy of the dantien using special breathing, we can manifest our potential power. This power is called ki. The power of ki is the cornerstone of martial arts, and will be the focus of this course on energy awareness, energy building, energy use, and self-defense.

The Advantage of Using Ki
Many people are interested in self-defense and have considered learning Karate or Judo, but hesitate to do so because of the “hardness” or “Yang” qualities of those disciplines. The truth is, when we use the power of ki, we can master the skills of self-defense without stress to the body or joints. When we focus on ki, movement becomes flexible and fluid without utilizing or encouraging excess energy, lessening stress to the body. Also, with special breathing methods, we can balance the body and enhance concentration through exercise. We will begin the workshop with simple stretches to warm up the body and the energy body, learn breathing, ki cultivation and self-defense techniques, practice them with partners, and end with relaxation.
Also discussion and Q/A.


In this workshop, we will cover:

1. How to work with and harness the power of ki. Breathing techniques to strengthen focus and concentration. Basic self-defense techniques. Using “everyday tools” as effective weapons of self-defense.
2. Breathing techniques to replenish and store ki inwardly. How to work with the dantien to encourage core power, grounding and self-confidence. How to use ki for self-healing. Self-defense techniques and partner work.
3. Breathing techniques to utilize/expel ki outwardly. Self-defense techniques including punching and kicking. Partner work.
4. Harnessing and directing your ki for self-defense. Secret Shaolin, Karate and Jujutsu Submission Techniques. Partner work.


Advanced registration suggested. Limited to 18 people.

Cost: 5000 yen. Please pay at the workshop.
Class taught in English and Japanese by Shogo.

Men and women both welcome! No martial arts or yoga experience necessary.

About the Instructor:: For Shogo’s bio please visit the teacher’s bio’s page.

To register hit Contact and send in a request with SELF-DEFENSE in the subject line by June 15. Register early to ensure a spot! Please include your full name and phone number.

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with Christine and Shyam
At Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
Saturday, June 14th, 8:00am-9:30am
By Donation, to be given to an NGO
Class in English

Yoga is the profound science of finding a complete connection between a
truly happy and positive life and its total relevance with your subtle body.
Learn how to foster this deep connection by discovering some of the deepest
secrets of how yoga has been practiced extensively by many accomplished
spiritual seekers and mystics of the past. In this special morning offering,
Shyam and Christine will present several practical details that will truly
enable you to set your yoga practice on fire–details that have been passed
down for many generations through the sacred lineages of India and Tibet.

Here you will learn a powerful meditation that can be done simultaneously
with Asana Practice and even all throughout the day to keep you advancing in
your Yoga.

Space is limited, so enroll early. Email us with FIRE in the subject,
including your
full name and cell phone number. First come, first served.
Please register early to insure a spot!


Date: Saturday, June 14
Place: Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
Time: 4:45pm-6:00pm
Cost: By Donation, to be given to an NGO.
Class in English

Yogis have long chanted mantras or holy sounds in order to unlock the
powerful energies within us. This works to open our hearts and raises our
consciousness to a higher plane love and kindness. Eventually we start to
experience a superior meditative concentration through these holy sounds that will
further us in our Yoga. We will be singing mainly in Sanskrit- the
beautiful language through which yoga has been practiced for thousands of years.
No experience necessary!

Space is limited, so enroll early. Email us with CHANT in the subject,
including your
full name and cell phone number. First come, first served.
Please register early to insure a spot!


Date: Monday, June 16
Place: Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm
Cost: By Donation, to be given to an NGO.
Class in English

In this workshop Shyam and Christine will be going deep into a detailed
presentation of our inner body. You will learn about the subtle channels
of prana in our bodies and how they form into the charkas. From a yogic
viewpoint, it is these very knots in our inner body that tie us down to
lower levels of consciousness and keep us in a mindset of suffering.

Then they will present the yogic wisdom of detangling the charkas to
where the prana can run smoothly opening us up to much higher levels of
consciousness and bliss. They will also describe what happens on an
inner body level as we do our Asanas and how we can enter into this
higher level in our yogic practice with greater ease if we know
understand what’s really going on in our inner body.

The ancient yogis of India and Tibet spent much time
in their practice of the inner body, as they knew what
a powerful practice it is. Everything Shyam and Christine will
present is through the lineage of their masters, going
back to these great accomplished yogis of the past.

Space is limited, so enroll early. Email us with WINDS LECTURE in the
subject, including your full name and cell phone number. First come,
first served. Please register early to insure a spot!

About the Instructors:

Shyam Singh: From a very young age, Shyam was doing yoga with his first
teacher–his father. Shyam grew up to start traveling and seeking a spiritual
life in the Himalayas and went on to spend time with the holy men of India
from the age of 16. At this early age, Shyam was very attracted to the
spiritual life and went on to live and study in several different ashrams and
temples. At that time, he was fortunate to have met several great masters
that further turned his mind towards deeper spiritual training. He lived as
a bramachari (celibate monk) for 3 years and dedicated himself to the study
of Yoga and its philosophy. He underwent extensive training in the Sanskrit
Vedic texts and also worked to truly implement them into his life. Besides
these, he has also studied herbal medicine and healing in the Indian system
of Ayurveda. His passion for music and chanting led him to the Indian
Bamboo flute and also to reciting and singing the holy texts. Several years
later Shyam met his Heart Gurus, Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie. Ever
since he has been engaged in full-time study with them and spends the rest of
his time serving and traveling with his teachers on world tours.

Shyam now teaches yoga and its philosophy. These days has started to teach
a popular series of talks on Spiritual Partners– the art of having a
perfect relationship with one
’s partner. Shyam and Christine also spend several months a year in silent
retreat where they dedicate themselves to concentrated meditation and

Christine Sperber is a full-time student of yoga and dharma. She has a
graduate degree from Stanford University in Marine Geology. She later went on
to open a contemporary art gallery in Soho, in the heart of New York City,
which she ran for 10 years. Since leaving the art world, she has engaged
herself in full-time yoga and dharma practice. She has completed 6 teacher
trainings in the deep practice of Tibetan Heart Yoga. She has deeply studied
several ancient Yogic texts including the Yoga Sutra and Hatha Yoga
Pradipika. Besides these she is under constant study of the ancient scriptures
with her dear teachers Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally in their
retreat center in Arizona. Many of these teachings are being taught in the
west for the very first time.

Her only reason for teaching is to pass on these most valuable teachings
that are extremely helpful in bringing about in us all the grounding for
complete peace and happiness. She teaches
“Yoga and Spiritual Partners” with her partner Shyam around the world.


The 5 Inner Winds: Asana Flow with Mercedes and Nyingpo


Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
Monday, June 16th 12:30-2:00pm
By donation
Class in English

Using meditation, imagery, and physical asana taken from ancient texts on the
“Machine of the Body” and the Kalachakra Tantra, Mercedes Bahleda and Ven
Nyingpo will lead us through a practice that harnesses the power of the
inner winds and helps us relate to our body on a level beneath the gross
physical plane. This is a beautiful, vigorous practice that includes meditating
on the five vayus: prana vayu, udana vayu, samana vayu, apana vayu, and
viyana vayu. The five vayus run through the inner body, underlying not only
our health and well-being, but also our experience of the outer world. Be
prepared to transform your physical practice by re-imagining your perception
of the body and to explore your understanding of the inner body’s
relationship to the outer world.

About the Instructors:
Mercedes Bahaleda is a yogini and artist originally
from New York City. She has traveled extensively in the last ten years to
research both Eastern and Western forms of meditation, classical music, and
philosophy at the great monasteries and schools of Ladakh and India. A
professional singer, she is now dedicated to helping others to radically
transform their hearts and minds through wisdom and meditation. Mercedes is a
certified yoga instructor in the Hatha/Ashtanga system of Yoga and has
completed 6 teacher trainings in Heart Yoga Asanas, and 6 teacher trainings in the
Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika. She incorporates her love of music,
storytelling and ten years of ancient studies with Geshe Michael Roach and
Lama Christie McNally into her fun-filled classes.

An honors graduate of New York University, Mercedes has served on the
teaching staff at New York University and currently leads classes in Devotional
Music, Heart Yoga, and Meditation at Diamond Mountain University. She has
done several extensive solitary retreats in the Arizona desert since 2000
and is entering a three-year silent retreat in 2010.
For more information on Mercedes, please see www.songsofmercy.com.

Venerable Lobsang Nyingpo (Eric Brinkman) is an ordained Buddhist monk and
an accredited staff instructor with the Yoga Studies Institute. He travels
extensively to study and teach; he has recently taught classes in Tibetan
Heart Yoga in New York City, Indianapolis, Houston, Detroit, Arizona,
Shanghai, Taiwan, and Singapore. A graduate of The Ohio State University, where
he graduated magna cum laude in honors with distinction, he later worked as
an Advisor-Consultant for the Cornell University Computer Science
department. Currently he is the Director of the Tibetan Language Hypertext Project
and teaches Tibetan Heart Yoga, Tibetan Language, Debate, and Buddhist
Philosophy at Diamond Mountain University in southeast Arizona.

Space is limited, so enroll early. Email us with ASANA 5 in the
subject, including your full name and cell phone number. First come,
first served. Please register early to insure a spot!


The Art of the Long Practice with Michael Glenn


Join Michael Glenn for The Art of the Long Practice in two special sessions
on June 21 from 5:00-8:00pm at Sun and Moon Yoga

In these 3-hour classes, we will build heat gradually, opening up fully
without depleting energy. We will have a complete practice–twists, forward
bends, backbends, arm balances, standing balances and
inversions–incorporating restful poses throughout to give the body sufficient time to recover. We
will explore the balance between movement and stillness in a long practice
and consider the best sequence for opening up the body, e.g. is it better
to open the muscles of the outer hips or hamstrings first?

Michael Glenn will teach this 3-hour class on May 24 and May 31 from 5:00 -
8:00 p.m. Each class is limited to 12 students of intermediate or higher

To register please see our website and hit CONTACT, providing your full
name and cell phone number. Please put “3 HOUR 6/21″ in the subject line.
Registrations are on a first-come, first serve basis. Register early to insure
a spot.

Price: Each session is 4000 yen. Please pay at the workshop.

About the Instructor: For Michael’s bio please visit the Sun & Moon


Energize Your Life with PRANA!


Energy Circulation and Cultivation Workshop
A `Living Shizen` Program by Sarah Shivani

May 10 (Sat) 17:00-19:30 & May 11 (Sun) 18:45-21:15pm
at Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
7000 yen for both sessions, 4000 for one session.

May 17 (Saturday) 11:00-14:00 (email Shivani for more information)
email address: livingshizen@yahoo.co.jp

Would you like more energy, concentration and happiness in your daily life? Do you suffer from Hieshyou (Japanese for body and organ coldness), pain or weakness in the muscles and joints? If YES, then its time to re-fresh your life force energy or PRANA!

Shivani writes: I created this PRANA Workshop after many of my colleagues, yoga students and friends inquired about my endless energy on stage as a performer and in my daily personal life. Many years ago this was not the case. I was in constant physical pain and had little energy for work or play. I began to study with exceptional yoga and Qi Gong teachers and traveled Asia in search of the secrets to vitality. I gradually regained a sense of health and unlocked a store house of energy to create the life I desired. The techniques I use are natural and simple and can be personally styled for effective implementation into your daily schedule. Most importantly, it is a lot of fun, and feels great!

May 10 (Saturday) 17:00-20:30
We will explore:
★What PRANA is and the messages mother nature communicates about it.
★Exercises to unlock PRANA in the body (body movements and yogic breathing techniques) and tap into your natural rhythms of energy circulation and positive self expression.
★A special sequence of Qi Gong exercises to improve blood and PRANA circulation (Hieshyou prevention), increase body temperature and flexibility.
★Self massage techniques to warm the organs, increase PRANA circulation and lymph flow and `wake up the body`.
★A quick and easy to do Daily Health Evaluation to check your PRANA flow.
★How to balance and center your PRANA while awake

May 11 (Sunday)18:45-21:15
We will explore:
★A special breath and movement sequence to improve and deepen the quality of ones breath and thus PRANA
★An ancient walking meditation technique to increase PRANA circulation, improve posture and create a strong and supple body.
★A Tibetan Sound meditation to diagnose your PRANA level and enhance tuning the body toward inner health and harmony.
★Simple color therapy and body language techniques to enhance your intuition, communication, and creativity
★Yoga Nidra (meditative sleep) to re- fresh and re-center your PRANA

Energizing your life though a personal daily PRANA program
*creates a health body and mind,
*stimulates creativity,
*heightens intuition,
*creates emotional balance,
*leads to greater professional and personal enjoyment in everyday life.
*allows you to feel great!

This workshop is particularly recommended to people ~
*who feel constantly tired (lacking energy) and stressed
*who suffer from poor circulation, “ Hieshyou“and body pain
*who seek to refresh their personal yoga practice
*who wish to perform better at work and when playing sports.

Workshop Features~
*Yoga and Qi Gong practices explained simply allowing for smooth personal application into daily life (no matter how busy your schedule!)
*Creative, easy and feel good approach to relaxing, stretching and strengthening the body mind and soul
*Content caters to beginners to advanced yoga practioners
*Content also caters to those with little or no fitness and self-care program
*Distribution of a mini PRANA diary for use during and after the workshop
*Opportunity to practice the workshop content at the beach and energy spot where Sarah daily practices
*Opportunity to share a delicious meal at Sarah`s favorite beach side cafe in Kamakura
*Opportunity to receive one of Sarah`s `Shizen Wave` relaxation bodywork sessions.


PROFILE セーラ・シバニ
Sarah・Shivani is a Self-Care Trainer, Relaxation Bodyworker and Musical Performer. Australian born and raised she has been living in Japan for 7 years and currently resides near the ocean and temples in Kamakura . She has trained intensively in Yoga, Qi Gong,Tai Chi Chun and massage bodywork in China, India, Japan and Australia. Sarah received her Yoga Alliance teachers certification (315 hours) in India under the Gurukul system (one on one training with a master) and is the first westerner to train in Japanese `Jeevan Relaxation Bodywork`. Sarah`s lifework is `Living Shizen` and she specializes in creating holistic health programs based on the theme SHIZEN-which means nature and natural in Japanese. She draws on her personal experience of creating and cultivating her health after years of suffering from asthma, allergies, chronic back pain, and poor circulation. Her workshops introduce both eastern and western techniques for creating personal health & well-being, and increasing the success of professional and personal development.




The Fine Art of Adjustment: For Yoga Teachers or Teachers in Training 
with Cameron Harris

Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro
Saturday, April 5, 5:00pm-8:30pm
5,000 (4,000 yen for Sun and Moon TTC graduates)

Have you ever been adjusted in a yoga class? If so, then you know that an asana adjustment can range from the divine to the disastrous.

In this special 3.5 hour workshop, we will delve deeper into the art and skill of offering asana adjustments, learning the subtle art of touch and how to guide a student safely in to a deeper expression of a pose that is appropriate and positive for them.

We’ll begin by discussing the important elements of awareness and attitude when giving adjustments, and we’ll look at the purpose and direction of core yoga poses (standing postures, seated postures, twists) to learn and review basic, practical principles of adjustment. We’ll then practice giving gentle, alignment-focused adjustments for beginners, and deeper sustained adjustments for experienced students. We’ll practice hands-on adjustments of core asanas with a variety of partners to get a sense of what works and why it works with different bodies and levels of flexibility.

We’ll discuss adjusting protocol, share your discoveries and experiences, and address any questions you may have along the way.

Special Feature: Asana Adjustments by Request. In addition to covering adjustments for Core Asanas, participants are requested to submit asanas they are interesting in learning how to adjust in their reservation email. A portion of the course will be specitically tailored to cover these particular adjustment requests.

To enroll, please hit Contact and send in a request with “Adjustment” in the subject line, by April 5th. Register early to ensure a space!

About the Instructor: Cameron Harris began studying Ashtanga Yoga in 1999 with Gwendoline Hunt in New Zealand. He currently teaches daily Mysore style Ashtanga yoga, an adjustment intensive style of class. He has studied with some of the foremost Ashtanga teachers including John and Lucy Scott, Nancy Gilgoff, Petri Raisanen, and Sharath Rangaswamy.




Creating Abundance–Money as Flow
Manifesting with Leza Lowitz at Sun and Moon Yoga





Do you feel guilty having plenty? How do you approach giving and receiving?
Do you love what you do?
Does something always seem to stop you from pursuing your dreams?

Money, like everything else in the universe, is a form of energy. It has certain spiritual laws of flow. What is your attitude towards money? Where did it come from? Do you give yourself permission to have abundance?

*This workshop is not just about financial flow, but opening up ALL CHANNELS OF FLOW in the universe and manifesting your highest potential.*

This workshop will help you understand and transform your relationship to money and flow, ultimately helping you find your life’s work and realize your natural state of abundance and generosity.

In this workshop, we will use:

・ guided meditations
・ journaling
・ manifesting techniques
・ partner work
・ magnetizing techniques and more…

All to help you understand and transform your beliefs about money and abundance, listen to your intuition, and draw opportunity and possibility to you in ways that support you and the universe.

Writer Bonnie Lee La Madeleine attended a prior workshop on Creating Abundance. She said, “The workshop did more to help me see how I hinder my own efforts than anything else. The experience has helped me focus my writing skills and develop a plan to become a full-time self-employed writer. I now have one book in negotiation, and one proposal being seriously considered.”

A participant in the February, 2008 Creating Abundance Course wrote to say:

“I can’t thank you enough for all you taught and offered today. I have not felt this clear about my purpose in life before. So much in today’s workshop spoke to me, and I now have the faith and trust in myself to go forward and put it all into action!!!”

If you have been looking for a way to expand your horizons and potential, this special workshop is for you.

To register hit Contact and send in a request with ABUNDANCE WS #2 in the subject line by March 15th. Register early to ensure a spot!

The workshop will be in English.




Saturday Feb 23, 7:30am-10:00am

Zen Breathing & Movement Workshop with Aaron Hoopes at Sun and Moon Yoga

Please join us for an early morning session of Breathing & Movement by Zen Yoga master Aaron Hoopes. Aaron will discuss the role of breathing and movement in stress reduction and healthy lifestyle change. By incorporating simple exercises into daily life practitioners can raise metabolism, lose weight, and maintain good health.

Format will be a lecture and discussion followed by an active participation session of simple breathing and movement techniques. It will also include a deep relaxation/guided meditation at the end. The program is a wonderfully simple process designed to make life more enjoyable through a coordinated integration of your body and mind to give your spiritual nature the energy it needs to develop and flourish Open to all levels of fitness - beginners welcome!

Aaron Hoopes has over 25 years experience in the marital arts and Eastern health and fitness traditions. He is the founder of Zen Yoga a blend of the gentle, flowing movements of Tai Chi, the energy breathing of Qigong and the deep, relaxed stretching of Shanti Yoga and the calm serenity of meditation.
He is the author of “Zen Yoga: A Path to Enlightenment through Breathing, Movement and Meditation” and “Perfecting Ourselves: Coordinating Body, Mind and Spirit.” He has taught his methods in Japan, Australia and the US.
For more information, see:

WHEN: Saturday Feb 23, 7:30am-10:00am
WHERE: Sun and Moon Yoga Meguro
WHO: All levels are welcome. Beginners to Yoga also most welcome.

To register, please email us using the “Contact” link with ZEN YOGA in the title, including your name, phone number and email. Please register by Feb 15 to insure a spot.


February 3, Sunday, 6:30pm-9:30pm


Saturday February 2
Cost: 5,000 yen
at Sun and Moon Yoga, Meguro

For the past few years, Oliver Bailey has shared his depth of knowledge and experience about meditation and self-inquiry with us. Now he returns to Sun and Moon to introduce Anatomy Stretches!

Oliver Bailey has been teaching and practicing bodywork for more than 25 years. He says:”During this time I have noticed that there are a number of muscles that are tight on most of my clients. I developed Anatomy Stretches to give to my clients so they can continue to relieve their stiff and tight muscles between the bodywork sessions.”

These Anatomy Stretches target many different areas of the body and are for very specific muscles: For example; levator scapula, quadratus lumborum, piriformis, psoas, quadriceps, etc.

In this workshop we will discuss how these muscles interact and what problems arise if they are left stiff and tight.

Anatomy Stretches are easy to learn and can be done in total or individually to target your specific need, or as an addition to your yoga practice. You are invited to join this workshop no matter what your level of practice or skill. Beginners welcome!

About the Instructor: Oliver Bailey has been teaching Meditation, Self-Inquiry, Massage and Personal Process at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, for the past 25 years. His background also includes training in Gestalt Practice, neurolinguistic programming, and intuitive work. He has led hundreds of meditation workshops and seminars around the world and is a sought-after workshop leader.

To register, please email us using the “Contact” link and type in the words ANATOMY STRETCHES in the title, including your name, phone number and email. Please register by shop will be in ENGLISH with Japanese interpretation by Kaori Takahashi.


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